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James Barbour definitely making an impression

James Barbour Currently Starring in "A Tale of Two Cities" on Broadway

By Lindsay Warner
October 10, 2008

James Barbour is currently starring in "A Tale of Two Cities" as Sydney Carton and definitely making an impression. In addition to performing eight weekly performances in front of audience-filled houses on the stage of the Al Hirschfeld, some of his activities include...

Broadways Leading Men 2008

The Leading Men

By Tom Nondorf
October 2, 2008

James Barbour, who knows his way around musicals based on historical fiction, can currently be seen in the epic A Tale of Two Cities which opened on Sept. 18 at the Hirschfeld. As Sydney Carton, Barbour gets to make the ultimate heroic sacrifice, whereas at the Flea Market, he only had to sacrifice a minute for a chat.

Enter the Guardsman

Guardsman Optimism: All play and no work makes Barbour a happy actor

By Anne Marie Welsh
August 30, 2001

Barbour has plenty to say about what happened to [Jane] Eyre when it hit Broadway—the bad timing, poor marketing, the uncalled-for changes to his character. He thinks, probably rightly, that, "If we'd taken it in the year before, it would have won the Tony for Best Musical. This year everything was pitched to the lowest-common denominator. There was no place for artistic pieces. And as [director] John Caird kept telling us, we were a company of actors. The Tonys aren't about creating art, but about creating hype."

Jane Eyre

To Eyre is Human: As Jane Eyre: The Musical reaches Broadway, the show's stars tell Kathy Henderson
of their journey

By Kathy Henderson
December 11, 2001

"We throw our souls out on the stage eight times a week, we give everything we have, and the criticism can be disgraceful. As soon as a show opens out of town, boom! Everyone is commenting, everyone is criticizing. All I can say is that weve had packed houses and standing ovations since we got here. Its been a wonderful journey, whatever happens."

Playbill Online's Brief Encounter with James Barbour

By David Lefkowitz
January 2, 2001

"I walked in, sang the music...and [director John] Caird went 'Uh, okay.' He said, 'How old are you?' I said, 'How old are you?' And we shared information about our ages. He said, 'Do you want to do a scene now?' I did, I walked out, and I had the job...John was so wonderful to work with and fun. He gave wonderful advice: 'I don't want to see the same thing twice. Change it constantly,' he said. 'Do something new.' Doing that, within the context of the show, allows you to grow..."

Actor with Many Interests

By Simi Horwitz
January 9, 2001

"In high school I was a geek. I was lanky, five foot six, weighed 140 pounds and was beaten up everyday. I played sports—specifically, tennis—although I played solo. I did some local theatre and was ridiculed for it...I think many emotionally unstable people in search of acceptance are attracted to theatre. But whatever the reasons are for getting into it, once you've decided to do it, you do the job responsibly."

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