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The buzz about A Tale Of Two Cities:

Playbill offers the following synposis: A Tale of Two Cities, a new musical to quicken the hearts of fans of sprawling romantic historical epics - the kind of show where characters in the shadows sing about the light of tomorrow - begins its Broadway life Aug. 19 2008 at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre.

James Barbour, the baritone who starred in Broadway's Assassins, Beauty and the Beast, Carousel and Jane Eyre, plays selfless, conflicted hero Sydney Carton in composer-lyricist-librettist Jill Santoriello's take on the French Revolution-set novel by Charles Dickens.

KAY KIPLING, Sarasota Magazine October 2007 "The challenges of adapting a classic novel for the musical theatre are enormous. 'A TALE OF TWO CITIES' meets those challenges with considerable skill and artistry. The cast is outstanding. Praise must go to James Barbour who is superb. Acclaim must go to Natalie Toro who is simply riveting. Tony Walton's scenery is impeccable. Richard Pilbrow's lighting and David Zinn's costumes are everything they should be. This is a Broadway contender."

Visit Behind the Curtain for more information and to buy tickets.

Great interview with James Barbour is here.

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