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BIOGRAPHY: Marla's life and career

Marla attended Miami Palmetto High School and the Moscow Art Theatre School and is a graduate of the Juilliard School, Drama Division. Her birthday is April 17. Her past performances are summarized below.

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The New Songwriter Festival   article

WHERE: Joe's Pub (New York)
WHEN: October 29, 2001, 8:30 p.m.
WITH: Judy Kuhn, Norm Lewis, Emily Skinner, Daisy Eagan, Kirk McDonald, Laura Benanti, Raul Esparza, Tara Bahna-James, Shayne Steele
NOTE: The evening highlights the work of Florante Galvez, Lance Horne, Chris Miller, and Nathan Tysen.


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Jane Eyre   pictures | sound clips | reviews | buy the cast recording | buy the tie-in novel | official site | alumni site

ROLE: Jane
WHERE: The Brooks Atkinson Theatre
WHEN: November 9, 2000–June 10, 2001 (opened December 10, 2000)
WITH: James Barbour (Rochester), Mary Stout (Mrs. Fairfax), Elizabeth DeGrazia (Blanche), Lisa Musser (Young Jane), Jayne Paterson (Helen), Stephen R. Buntrock (St. John), Bill Nolte (Mason), Gina Ferrall (Mrs. Reed), Marguerite MacIntyre (Bertha), Nell Balaban (Grace Poole), Don Richard (Brocklehurst), Bruce Dow (Robert), Andrea Bowen (Adele), Lee Zarrett (John Reed), Sandy Binion, Bradley Dean, Rita Glynn, Gina Lamparella, Erica Schroeder (ensemble)

Titanic   pictures | reviews | official site

ROLE: Caroline Neville
WHERE: The Lunt-Fontanne Theatre
WHEN: April 14, 1998–March 28, 1999

Les Miserables   official site | cast database

ROLE: swing/Fantine
WHERE: The Imperial Theatre
WHEN: 1991
WITH: J. Mark McVey (Valjean), Robert DuSold (Javert), John Leone (Marius), Natalie Toro (Eponine), Melissa Anne Davis (Cosette), Joseph Kolinski (Enjolras)
NOTE: Broadway debut


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Enter the Guardsman   pictures | sound clips | reviews

ROLE: The Actress
WHERE: The Dimson Theatre
WHEN: May 9–June 4, 2000
WITH: Robert Cuccioli (The Actor), Mark Jacoby (The Playwright), Derin Altay (The Dresser), Rusty Ferracane (The Wigs Master), Buddy Crutchfield (The Assistant Stage Manager), Kate Dawson (The Wardrobe Mistress)

Christina Alberta's Father   pictures

ROLE: Christina Alberta
WHERE: The Vineyard Theater
WHEN: 1994


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Evita   sound clips

WHEN: 1995
WITH: Daniel C. Cooney (Ché), David Brummel (Perón), Frank Mastrone (Magaldi)


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They All Laughed!: The New Gershwin Musical   pictures | spotlight page | production site | official site

ROLE: Billie Bendrix
WHERE: Goodspeed Opera House
WHEN: June 29, 2001–September 22, 2001
WITH: James Ludwig (Jimmy), Michael McGrath (Cookie), Mark Lotito (Duke), David Dollase (Officer Berry), Dennis Kelly (Senator Evergreen), Donna English (Eileen Evergreen), Mary Beth Peil (Estonia, Duchess of Woodford), Amanda Watkins (Jeannie), Diane J. Findlay (Millicent Winter)

West Side Story   pictures | reviews | official site

ROLE: Maria
WHERE: Theatre By-the-Sea (Mantunuck, Rhode Island)
WHEN: June 27–July 23, 2000
WITH: Michael Hunsaker (Tony), Paige DuBois Wolff (Anita), Lucio Fernandez (Bernardo), Randy Bobish (Riff), Edward L. Manias (Chino), James D. Carroll (Officer Krupke), Tony Wichowski (Doctor), Steve Fabrizio (Lt. Schrank/Gladhand)

Glimmerglass   pictures | official site

ROLE: Judith
WHERE: Goodspeed-at-Chester/The Norma Terris Theatre
WHEN: November 11–December 5, 1999
WITH: David Aron Damane (Chingachgook), Richard M. Davidson (Mayor March), Jay Douglas (Natty), Jennifer Piech (Elizabeth), Casper Roos (Leatherstocking), Tom Zemon (Harry), John Little (Dunham/Squire Doolittle)
NOTE: world premiere

Jane Eyre   pictures | sound clips | reviews | official site

ROLE: Jane
WHERE: La Jolla Playhouse (La Jolla, CA)
WHEN: July 6–September 5, 1999
WITH: James Barbour (Rochester), Mary Stout (Mrs. Fairfax), Elizabeth DeGrazia (Blanche), Tiffany Scarritt (Young Jane), Megan Drew (Helen), Christopher Yates (St. John), Bill Nolte (Mason), Marguerite MacIntyre (Bertha), Bruce Dow (Robert), Joelle Shapiro (Adele)

West Side Story   pictures | official site

ROLE: Maria
WHERE: The Westchester Broadway Theatre (New York)
WHEN: 1997
WITH: Richard Roland (Tony), Trish Reidy (Anita), Nicholas Garr (Bernardo), Michael O'Donnell (Riff), P. J. Terranova (Chino), David Buffam (Officer Krupke/Doctor), Ed Romanoff (Lt. Schrank/Gladhand)

Lucky in the Rain   pictures | reviews | official site

ROLE: Jane Wiley
WHERE: Goodspeed Opera House
WHEN: July 9–September 19, 1997
WITH: Susan Browning (Gertrude Stein), David Brummel (Mike), Robert Cary (Henderson Booth), Rita Gardner (Mama/Elder Jane), Ryan Hilliard (Elder Henderson Booth/General Maclean), Cheryl Howard (Josephine Baker), Patti Mariano (Alice B. Toklas), Luba Mason (Isadora Duncan), Marcus Neville (Robert), Jennifer Smith (Regine), Patrick Wilson (Young Henderson Booth), Scott Wise (Zach Monroe)

Jane Eyre   pictures | sound clips | reviews

ROLE: Jane
WHERE: The Royal Alexandra Theatre (Toronto)
WHEN: November 15, 1996–February 1, 1997
WITH: Anthony Crivello (Rochester), Mary Stout (Mrs. Fairfax), Elizabeth DeGrazia (Blanche), Sara Farb (Young Jane), Angela Lockett (Helen), Aloysius Gigl (St. John), Don Richard (Brocklehurst)

Jane Eyre
ROLE: Jane
WHERE: The Wichita (KS) Center for the Arts
WHEN: 1995
WITH: Anthony Crivello (Jane's Father/Edward Rochester), Angela Lockett (Helen Burns/Louisa Eshton/Hannah), Heather Ayers (Jane's Mother/Bertha Mason), Charleen Ayers (Mrs. Reed/Grace Poole/Lady Ingram), Nicole Dooley (Blanche Ingram), Chad Frisque (St. John Rivers), Martha Hawley (Miss Scatcherd/Mrs. Fairfax), Charles Parker (Mr. Mason/John Eyre), Don Richard (Mr. Brocklehurst/Briggs/Old Gardener), Jennifer Bedore/Taryn Southern (Young Jane), Ashley Sinclair (Adele), Megan Drew (schoolgirl)
NOTE: world premiere

A Little Night Music
ROLE: Anne
WHERE: Main Stage, Williamstown Theatre Festival (Williamstown, MA)
WHEN: 1994

Paint Your Wagon
ROLE: Jennifer Rumson
WHERE: Goodspeed Opera House
WHEN: 1992

The Matriarch   pictures

WHERE: The Juilliard School
WHEN: 1990
WITH: Jeanne Tripplehorn (Lyndmila), Laura Linney (Rachel)

The Cherry Orchard
ROLE: Anya
WHERE: U.S. regional

Fool for Love
WHERE: U.S. regional


Summer and Smoke
ROLE: Alma
WHERE: U.S. regional

Top Girls
ROLE: Angie/Dull Gret
WHERE: U.S. regional

Twelfth Night
ROLE: Viola
WHERE: U.S. regional

Williamstown Theatre Festival Cabaret
NOTE: two seasons

A Winter's Tale
ROLE: Perdita
WHERE: U.S. regional


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Soviet International Theatre Festival
NOTE: first festival


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WHERE: New York

In the Beginning
WHERE: New York

Jane Eyre   pictures

ROLE: Jane
WHERE: The Director's Company (New York City)
WHEN: October 9–10, 1998
WITH: Christopher Innvar (Rochester), Mary Stout (Mrs. Fairfax), Elizabeth DeGrazia (Blanche), Cassidy Ladden (Young Jane), Jessica Grove (Helen), Gina Ferrall (Bertha), Don Richard (Brocklehurst), Bonnie Gleicher (Adele)

Jane Eyre

ROLE: Jane
WHERE: New York
WHEN: February 19, 1999
WITH: James Barbour (Rochester), Mary Stout (Mrs. Fairfax), Anna Kendrick (Young Jane), Julia McIlvaine (Helen), Elizabeth DeGrazia (Blanche), Jayne Paterson, Gina Ferrall, Robin Skye, Alyse Wojciechowski, Nell Balaban, Rachel Ulanet, Lee Zarrett, Bill Nolte, Bruce Dow, Christopher Yates

The Little Hours
WHERE: New York

WHERE: New York

ROLE: Kate McGowan
NOTE: first workshop


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ASCAP Songwriter's Showcase for Ben Moore

WHERE: The FireBird Cafe, 365 W 46th St., NYC
WHEN: September 23, 2001
WITH: Jennifer Goode, Tracey Moore, Michael Winther

Jane Eyre: press preview   pictures

ROLE: Jane
WHEN: October 20, 2000
WITH: original Broadway cast

Broadway on Broadway 2000   pictures | sound clips

SONG: "Secret Soul" from Jane Eyre
WHERE: Times Square, New York, NY
WHEN: September 10, 2000
WITH: James Barbour


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Jane Eyre: original Broadway cast recording   pictures | sound clips | reviews | buy it

ROLE: Jane
WHEN: recorded October 5-6, 2000; released November 21, 2000 by Sony Classical
WITH: original Broadway cast, with Bonnie Gleicher as Young Jane

Jane Eyre: original cast recording   sound clips | reviews | buy it

ROLE: Jane
WHEN: 1997
WITH: Toronto cast

A Prairie Home Christmas: radio broadcast and CD   sound clips | buy it

ROLE: Jessica
WHEN: December 17, 1994
WITH: Garrison Keillor et al

The Prince of Egypt
ROLE: chorus


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Cradle Will Rock   pictures | merchandise

ROLE: Beaver Woman
WHEN: 1999
WITH: Hank Azaria (Marc Blitzstein), Rubén Blades (Diego Rivera), David Costabile (Beaver Man), Joan Cusack (Hazel Huffman), John Cusack (Nelson Rockefeller), Cary Elwes (John Houseman), Philip Baker Hall (Gray Mathers), Cherry Jones (Hallie Flanagan), Bill Murray (Tommy Crickshaw)

The Eyes Prove

I Love You...Don't Touch Me!   pictures | sound clips | reviews | merchandise
ROLE: Katie
WHEN: 1996 (Sundance), 1998 (wide release)
WITH: Mitchell Whitfield (Ben), Michael Harris (Richard), Meredith Scott Lynn (Janet)
NOTE: independently produced, widely released by MGM, now out of print


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Kung Fu: The Legend Continues   pictures | merchandise

ROLE: Tyler Smith (Peter Caine's girlfriend)
EPISODES: "Initiation" (1:1-2), "Sunday at the Hotel with George" (1:4)

This list is as complete as I can make it at this time. I am in the process of researching Marla's performances and will update this page whenever possible. If you have any information to contribute, please email me at webmaster(at)currerwells.net.

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