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Marla Schaffel: The Unofficial Fan Website

(This page spotlights one of Marla's recent projects.)

Marla's performance in My Fair Lady was nominated for the 2002 Leon Rabin Award
for Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role.

My Fair Lady

Produced by Theatre under the Stars

Marla Schaffel and Norman Large in My Fair Lady

Marla Schaffel as Eliza Doolittle and
Norman Large as Henry Higgins

(Picture courtesy of The Dallas Morning News)

July 30–August 4, 2002
Atlanta, Georgia
Fabulous Fox Theatre

August 6–18, 2002
Dallas, Texas
Music Hall at Fair Park

Marla Schaffel as Eliza Doolittle
Norman Large as Henry Higgins (bio)
Ed Dixon as Alfred P. Doolittle (bio)
Jim Weitzer as Freddy Eynsford-Hill (bio)

Dallas Summer Musicals website
Review from The Dallas Morning News
Article about the cast

"The Dallas Summer Musicals' My Fair Lady shows what a superbly talented cast
can do with a classic show when it works with a fine director who takes the script's
demands seriously. No wild rethinkings here—merely the best-acted musical to grace
the Music Hall stage in recent memory...

"Marla Schaffel and Norman Large made a strong pair in My Fair Lady on Tuesday night.
Marla Schaffel, a Tony Award frontrunner last year for Jane Eyre, has
re-imagined Eliza Doolittle, making George Bernard Shaw's flower girl
more intelligent, more determined, more volatile and more enthusiastic than ever before."

Source: "Alluring 'Lady'," by Lawson Taitte, The Dallas Morning News, 8/7/02

Ed Dixon as Alfred P. Doolittle with cast

(Picture courtesy of Theatre under the Stars)

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