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SOUND CLIPS: Marla belts it out

(NOTE: These sound clips can only be played on RealPlayer. You can download it for free at Real.com.)
Evita | A Prairie Home Christmas | I Love You...Don't Touch Me! | Enter the Guardsman |
Jane Eyre: Toronto cast recording | Toronto | La Jolla | Broadway on Broadway 2000 |
The Rosie O'Donnell Show | Broadway cast recording | Barnes & Noble | Broadway Chatterbox |
New York Live | The Joan Hamburg Show | Gimme a Break

EVITA (1995)

Don't cry for me, Argentina... from "Requiem Evita"  [0:59]
I'm only a radio star... from "Charity Concert"  [0:22]
My mad existence... from "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina"  [2:26]
High flying, adored... from "High Flying, Adored"  [0:43]
"Rainbow High" from "Rainbow High"  [2:17]
The chorus girl hasn't learned the lines... from "The Actress Hasn't Learned the Lines"  [1:14]


Are you sure you want to spend Christmas with my family? from "Nine Lessons and Carols"  [0:58]
My Christmas song for you... from "Nine Lessons and Carols"  [0:20]
Oh, there's no place like home... from "Nine Lessons and Carols"  [0:25]

I LOVE YOU...DON'T TOUCH ME!   pictures | reviews

"The Egg Jingle" (written by Marla too!)  [0:13]   MP3
"All I've Needed Most"
 [2:36]   MP3
Marla warms up...and breaks a glass  [0:13]
"This Is My Heaven"  [1:34]   MP3

ENTER THE GUARDSMAN   pictures | reviews

Tonight was like the first night... from "Tonight Was Like the First Night"  [0:11]
Though I'm sure nature boy out there would disagree... from "The Language of Flowers," with Robert Cuccioli  [0:25]
Day after day we mangle married life... from "Enter the Guardsman"  [0:27]


Toronto cast recording   buy it | reviews
Oh, mother, father, where are you? from "Let Me Be Brave"  [0:33]  (song cut from show)
We should strike back at them... from "Forgiveness," with Sara Farb  [0:09]
A tribute to beauty... from "Painting Her Portrait"  [0:34]
Deep in my secret soul, I stand alone... from "Secret Soul"  [0:27]
I had a dream of a place... from "Dream of a Child"  [0:20]  (song cut from show)
He's twenty years older... from "Slip of a Girl," with Mary Stout  [0:26]
Speak to my secret soul... from "Morton," with Aloysius Gigl  [0:45]
Sir, you are my second self... from "Brave Enough for Love," with Anthony Crivello  [0:32]

Royal Alexandra Theatre (Toronto) production   pictures | reviews
In silent rebellion, I'm told to be still... from "Silent Rebellion"  [0:29]  (song cut from show)
A man rushes off on the wings of his freedom... from "Silent Rebellion"  [0:38]  (song cut from show)

La Jolla Playhouse production (7/17/99)   pictures | reviews
When I lay myself down to sleep tonight... from "The Farewell," with Tiffany Scarritt  [0:48]
It's nine o'clock in the morning... from "Sweet Liberty"  [0:45]
And I could see a trace of light... from "The Icy Lane"  [0:39]
You examine me, Miss Eyre...
from "The Governess," with James Barbour  [0:27]  (song cut from show)
God bless his passion... from "Sirens," with James Barbour  [0:36]
And should you fancy... from "Painting Her Portrait"  [0:36]
In the light of the virgin morning... from "In the Light of the Virgin Morning"  [0:22]
How can I leave this place... from "In the Light of the Virgin Morning," with Elizabeth DeGrazia  [0:31]
What can I do? I feel his love... from "Oh, Sister (Reprise)," with James Barbour  [1:00]  (song cut from show)
All those days in a lonely room... from "Child in the Attic"  [0:19] (song cut from show)

La Jolla Playhouse production opening night (7/25/99)   pictures | reviews
[NEW] "Child in the Attic"  [2:16] (song cut from show)

Broadway on Broadway 2000 (9/10/00)   pictures
"Secret Soul" with James Barbour  [2:57]

The Rosie O'Donnell Show (11/16/00)
"Secret Soul" with James Barbour  [3:04] (lots of new lyrics!)

Broadway cast recording   pictures | buy it | reviews
She swallows her rebellion... from "The Orphan"  [0:47]
As I lay myself... from "The Graveyard"  [0:29]
It's seven o'clock in the morning... from "Sweet Liberty"  [0:47]
Deep in my secret soul... from "Secret Soul," with James Barbour  [1:01]
God, save him if he can be saved... from "Sirens," with James Barbour  [0:34]
This is my fate... from "In the Light of the Virgin Morning," with Elizabeth DeGrazia  [0:31]
What can I do? from "Sirens (Reprise)"  [0:36]
I see my Maker... from "My Maker"  [0:50]  (song cut from show)
And I know you're afraid... from "Brave Enough for Love"  [0:15]

Barnes & Noble special appearance (1/19/01)   pictures
"Secret Soul" with James Barbour  [2:50]

[NEW] Seth's Broadway Chatterbox (2/8/01)
interview  [20:35]

New York Live (3/2/01)
interview  [4:21]

The Joan Hamburg Show (3/14/01)
interview, part 1  [5:45]
interview, part 2  [10:03]
interview, part 3  [11:56]
interview, part 4  [5:25]

Gimme a Break (10/15/01)
"Painting Her Portrait"  [6:33]

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